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Music Services For Songwriters


Need drums? Need guitars? Need bass? Need keys?
We have the best session musicians available
From guitarist players, keyboard players, bass players, drummers and vocalists, we can handle a wide variety of musical genres.
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How We Work

You can upload your tracks to Dropbox.
Just send the wav files, not the midi files. If you are using virtual instrument plug ins, please record/commit to track.
If you are using virtual or modeling amps, (ie: Amplitube,GTR 3, etc…) please record/commit to track.
Make sure that your recording is as complete as possible.
Do not bounce down tracks with plug ins
(i.e.: no eq,effects,compression, no automation and no plugins on master bus)
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Pricing / Add On’s And Payment

Need Pitch Correction and Editing?

Pauerhaus Productions offers a full service for all of your musical needs.

Check out our Pricing and Add On’s below:


Mixing: $125 (per song)
Multi Song Artist Discount (mixing for albums) *call for special price*

Limited Time!!!!!
3 song special $300
Save $75!!!!!
* please note that the 3 song special does not include add on’s*

Add On’s:

pitch correction: $75 (per song)
Read more: Pricing / Add On’s And Payment

Songwriting Services

songwriting services for business and personal

Let Pauerhaus Productions score your film, website, commercials and advertisements with instrumental music. We can create styles that range from rock/heavy metal, reggae, funk, dance/hip hop, to orchestral music.

We can even create jingles for commercials: television, radio, website, etc…

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(all music/songs written by John P. Zadeh for Pauerhaus Productions/BMI © 2015)